Visitor parking

Parking for visitors who are on campus for Admission events is available in the lots next to the Admission Building at the corner of East Broadway and North Sixth Street. A lot is on the northwest side of the building as well as spaces in the lot in the front of the Center for Science and Business on East Broadway.

All other Monmouth College parking lots and parking areas, including those streets and drives on the College campus, require a Monmouth College parking permit.

Handicapped parking

A number of campus parking spaces are designated for handicapped parking. These parking spaces are clearly marked and are restricted for use by vehicles displaying a valid handicapped permit issued by licensed physicians or state-issued handicapped license plates.

City of Monmouth parking

Parking on City streets without a City residential permit in the neighborhoods surrounding campus is prohibited from 2-6 a.m. A number of streets boarding campus are designated by the City of Monmouth as “Emergency/Snow Routes.” When a snow emergency has been issued, parking on these streets is prohibited until the snow has been cleared. Violations of city ordinances are enforced by the Monmouth Police Department.

Campus parking

Visitors’ vehicles are subject to the rules and regulations of our parking policies. Vehicles should not block campus fire lanes, service drives, loading docks or sidewalks. While driving on campus, all motorists must yield the right of way to pedestrians.

Inquiries regarding parking regulations and procedures should be directed to our Director of Campus Safety. Monmouth College is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or their contents. Vehicles should be locked at all times.