Stockdale Fellows

The James and Sybil Stockdale Fellows Program is a prestigious scholarship, leadership, service and enrichment program.

Our Stockdale Fellows program is a comprehensive four-year leadership development program. Students have the opportunity to apply during their senior year of high school or as part of their application process to Monmouth.. 

Apply to the Stockdale Fellows Leadership Program

See the criteria and interview requirement below to be considered for participation in the Stockdale Fellows Leadership Program, 

  • An interview is required to be part of the Stockdale Fellows Leadership Program. Interviews will take place during Spring 2024. Admitted students should watch their email and Tartan Portal for additional information.
  • Required criteria: First-time freshman, 3.0 GPA or higher, involvement in high school and the community

Leadership retreat

Our one-day leadership conference, in students’ first year, is designed to build camaraderie and introduce fellows to the Stockdale Fellows Program. Students engage in team-building activities, review program expectations and spend individualized time reviewing goals, interests and career aspirations.

Leadership training program

First-year fellows participate in our Stockdale Fellows 2022 Stockdale Fellows
Leadership Training Program. This one-year leadership development program builds leadership skills; fosters interpersonal, social, ethical and moral development; and instills an attitude of leadership and responsibility. Fellows will learn about different leadership styles, develop a personal leadership philosophy, engage in hot topic discussions, reflect on experiences and volunteer in the community.

Curricular and co-curricular involvement

Involvement in campus life is a major step toward enhancing leadership skills and abilities. Through active participation fellows develop a better understanding of leadership and its responsible application. 

Our mentoring program

First-year fellows participate in an assessment of their leadership skills and discuss goals, interests and career aspirations with their faculty advisor and a member of the Wackerle Career and Leadership team. In collaboration with these mentors, Fellows create an individualized four-year leadership development plan. Each Stockdale Fellow is also paired with an upperclass student mentor. In their senior year, Fellows are matched with alumni who facilitate networking and preparation for life beyond Monmouth.

Giving back to our local community

First-year Fellows volunteer in the local community and work collaboratively with community leaders developing solutions for the common good. Past Fellows have volunteered at local YMCA youth programs, nursing homes and English as a second language programs.

Service beyond Monmouth

All Fellows participate in an alternative spring break. These week-long trips expose them to a diverse perspective on the human condition and provide opportunities to impact social issues. 

Fellows also develop a capstone leadership project on a social issue which requires them to work collaboratively with campus and community leaders. 

Educational enrichment opportunities

After a successful completion of the first year, Fellows are encouraged to participate in established enrichment programs or create their own individualized experience. Some established programs include study abroad, independent research, internships, professional conferences and entrepreneurial projects.
Independent research

Research skills are critical in order to be competitive in graduate or professional school. Fellows work with various faculty advisors to develop a senior research project. Past research:

  • Effects of border security on undocumented migration.
  • Ways to involve historically marginalized communities in the electoral process through civic education programs.
  • Initiatives and legislation related to LGBT issues.

Entrepreneurial projects

Think big. A student with a big idea has the opportunity to turn that idea in real life. Monmouth College provides all the tools needed to start, advance and grow your idea. Mentoring, seed funding, professional advice and office space is provided.