Securing an internship (or two!) during your time at Monmouth allows you to explore your career path in greater depth. 

Skylar Law is interning at our local radio station in town! Students don't have to go very far to...

Why get an internship? 

Internships help you determine if your intended career path is the right fit for you. This is why it is important to try to secure an internship early in your Monmouth career. 

Internships also help develop your technical skills, allow you to expand your professional network, and give you a true professional work experience to prepare you for your first post-Monmouth job. 

Also: one, if not more, internships on your resume will give you a leg up when applying for a job.

Many Monmouth students who stand out in their internship are offered full-time positions to begin after graduation. 

But where do I begin? 

  1. Start researching early and often. Resources to get started:
  2. Consider receiving academic credit for your internship. Be sure to talk with your faculty advisor about the requirements and how this could fit into your four-year plan. 
  3. Know how to display your experience on your resume. Meet with our staff or attend a workshops to learn how you can best display your internship experience on your resume as you begin applying for post-Monmouth jobs or schools.

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