Career Exploration

Explore and have fun finding what you want to do and what career fits you best. We’ll be here to help every step, and maybe stumble, along the way.

Where do I begin? 

We get it. Getting started can be the hardest part. That’s why we’ve compiled a few steps and resources to help get you moving in the right direction.

  1. Take a Career Assessment: There are many career assessment tools available, so we have listed a few of the best ones below we believe will help. 
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - The MBTI is a multiple-choice interest inventory that shows you what your personal preferences say about your personality and which occupations you may enjoy. Receive a personalized packet based on your individual results. The MBTI is available year-round in the Wackerle Center. No appointment necessary.

      1. Access the Elevate platform.
      2. Complete the brief registration information (or log in if you have previously registered for the Elevate platform).
      3. Complete the demographic survey (if applicable).
      4. Complete the assessment(s).
      5. Contact the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center to schedule a time to receive a personalized packet based on your individual results.

    • FOCUS 2 - FOCUS 2 combines self-assessment, career and major exploration, decision making and action planning in one comprehensive product. Your assessment results are matched to career options and majors/programs. FOCUS 2 guides you through a reliable career and education decision making model to help you select majors at your college, make informed career decisions and take action.

      Create a FOCUS account and logging in (Access Code: brush)
    • 16 Personalities – This assessment is free and will help you to learn more about yourself to understand what career paths may fit your personality best.
    • DiSC - Explore the four letters of DiSC to see which one you match well with, and then identify which career paths are best-suited for that style.
    • Holland Code - Take this assessment to identify six of the main areas that best fit your personality, skills and interests.
  2. Schedule a Career Counseling Appointment: Our staff is ready and eager to meet with you. Reach out to us to discuss your career assessment results, review career path options and then recommend personalized next steps. You can also talk through majors that would set you up for success in each career path. 
  3. Learn More about your Field of Interest: Set up a job-shadowing opportunity, an on-campus job or an internship in the career field you are considering. This will allow you to see the day-to-day responsibilities of that career in action and understand if it is the best fit for you. Talk to us about how to set this up!

Opportunities within your major

Are you interested in a particular major or area of study, but aren’t quite sure what you can do with your major? Visit the “What Can I Do with My Major?” site to learn more about career fields your major can lead to, employers within that field and how to prepare for a particular field. 

Consider virtual or remote jobs

Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual job and internship opportunities have become common, opening up more opportunities to you (and to others!). Let us help you craft your application to compete with other graduates from across the nation and world.

Remote or flexible work arrangements can be appealing for a variety of reasons. Remember to be a little more aware when applying for these jobs. Never provide personal information – such as your birthdate or Social Security number – to an employer during the initial stages of interviewing. When in doubt, ask us for help researching the employer. Below are a few reliable remote job boards to start.