Welcome Week

Information about Scots Welcome Week will be coming soon! As an overview, our Welcome Week events prepare new students for a successful year and to experience what it means to be a Scot. You will enjoy exciting activities and learn strategies that will set the stage for a successful Monmouth experience.

Welcome Week includes full days of activities on your own and with orientation groups. It concludes with ScotStart — a full day of housekeeping and advising the day before classes start. Need to finalize your payment plan? Make a schedule change? Ask your advisor a question? Take some time to walk around and find all your classrooms? ScotStart was created for those things. 

  • Discover everything Monmouth has to offer.
  • Engage with and build connections to faculty, staff and fellow students.
  • Belong to your new community.
  • Become a proud Monmouth College Fighting Scot.

Move In Schedule Fall 2023

Coming Soon!