Elective Courses

You will review these options with your advisor in your one-on-one advising appointment to select which course might make sense for your schedule.

You may also be interested to review more information about required courses generally, or our list of recommended first-year courses by major.

As part of our core curriculum requirements, Monmouth requires all students to take one course in the “Beauty and Meaning in Works of Art” and “Lab Science” category. This requirement does need to be satisfied in your first semester; it may be taken in a later semester, depending on room in your schedule and your preferences. Click on each course title to read a full description.

Beauty and Meaning in Works of Art

ARTD-223 Sculpture: Construction/Foundry - 1.0 credits
ARTD-231 Book Design (2nd half) - 0.50 credits
ARTD-238 Digital Photography (1st half) 0.50 credits
ARTD-232 Poster Design (1st half) - 0.50 Credits
ARTD-243 Observational Painting - 1.0 Credits
ARTD-260 Hand-Built Ceramics - 1.0 Credits
CLAS-230 Mythology: Myth and Art - 1.0 Credits
ENGL-180 Intro to Literature - 0.50 Credits
ENGL-210 Creative Writing - 1.0 Credits
MUSI-101 Intro to Music - 1.0 Credits
THEA-171 Intro to Theatre - 1.0 Credits
THEA-173 Intro to Technical Theatre - 1.0 Credits

Lab Science

BIOL-150 Investigating Biological Concepts

(recommended for majors) - 1.0 Credits

CHEM-140 General Chemistry

(recommended for majors) - 1.0 Credits

ESTS-103 Environmental Science
(recommended for majors) -1.0 Credits
PHYS-103 Astronomy  w/Lab- 1.0 Credits
PHYS-130 Introductory Physics I w/Lab
(recommended for majors) - 1.0 Credits
PSYC-101 Intro to Psychology w/Lab - 1.0 Credits


The following are samples of elective courses that may be a fit for new incoming first-year students based on interest.

CLAS-130 Sports in Greece and Rome (1st half) 0.50 Credits

CLAS-200 Intro to Classical Studies (2nd half) 0.50 Credits
COMM-261 Mass Media & Modern Society - 1.0 Credits
DATA-151 Introduction to Data Science - 1.0 Credits
EDST-100 Foundations of Education - 1.0 Credits

GPHS-110 Health, Wellness and College Success

(1st or 2nd half) - 0.25 Credits

HIST-104 European History (1450-1850) - 1.0 Credits

HIST-110 U.S. History to 1865 - 1.0 Credits
HIST-120 Intro to Latin America - 1.0 Credits
MILS-111 Intro to Military Science - 0.25 Credits
PHIL-101 Intro to Philosophy - 1.0 Credits

POLS-103 American Politics - 1.0 Credits
SOCI-102 Social Problems - 1.0 Credits