Fall Class Schedule

Creating your first semester schedule

New incoming students will work individually with an academic advisor to create a class schedule for the fall. 


If you haven’t registered yet, please reach out to your admissions counselor to set up an individual date and time. 

Your course schedule will be developed based on the conversation with your advisor and your responses an academic advising questionnaire available late spring. We also take into consideration required first-year Core Curriculum courses that will prepare you for a successful transition to academic life at Monmouth as well as courses to introduce you to your academic interest. In advance of talking with your advisor, we recommend to skim our recommended courses by major and elective course options

Summer Session Opportunity

For incoming students who want to get a jump start on their academic experience at Monmouth, the Scots Summer Session offers an opportunity for incoming students to earn college credit while engaging in an eight-week full online summer term.  Your advisor will talk with you more about this opportunity.