Rock Wall in Trotter Fitness Center in the Huff Athletic Center Rock Wall in Trotter Fitness Center in the Huff Athletic Center

Climbing wall

Our climbing wall is open for all students, staff, & faculty to use in the Huff Athletic Center free of charge. All equipment is provided. Personal equipment maybe used, but it must pass a safety inspection from a climbing wall staff member. Climbing Wall hours are posted at the Control Desk in the Trotter Fitness Complex.

Climbing wall staff members perform general maintenance on the wall, set routes, and instruct individuals on proper climbing and belaying techniques. All routes are clearly marked but feel free to use your imagination to create new ways of climbing the wall. During assisted climbing times trained staff members are available to help in climbing or teach you how to climb.


Join in one of our programs throughout the academic year: blood drive, treadmill 5K, alcohol education presentations, stress management presentations, National Alcohol Screening Day and National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Or a semester-long program with the goal to complete a number of miles by doing a variety of exercises, including swimming, biking, walking or running.

Student Health 101

An online health magazine for college students that is delivered the first of each month to your school email.

Fitness assistants

Fitness assistants are available during open hours in the Trotter Fitness Complex or by individual appointment to help you with your fitness needs.