Intramural Sports

Being crowned intramural champs is kind of a big deal.

Sand volleyball on campus Sand volleyball on campus

Our intramural sports program gives students the opportunity to participate in athletics in a recreational setting. We want to give all members of the campus community an opportunity to compete in athletics in a relaxed atmosphere and enhance their college experience.

All fun and games

Intramurals, or recreational sports, is all the competition without the pressure. It is literally all fun and games such as: 5-on-5 basketball, co-ed floor hockey, sand volleyball, Frisbee golf, table tennis co-ed doubles tournament, badminton co-ed doubles tournament and two-person eight ball billiard league.


Team captains are responsible for making sure all members know the rules, have the schedule and are at the games on time.

Teams should try to arrive at least 10 minutes before the games in order to complete them in a timely manner. Teams have a five-minute grace period. If a team cannot meet requirements for the number of members to play the game it will be forfeited.

After two forfeits a team will be kicked out of the league or tournament. Forfeits that are made 24 hours in advance will be counted as loses and the team can remain in the league. 

Game time


All intramural games are alcohol-free events. No individual who displays signs of intoxication may be in attendance of an event. This will result in immediate suspension from the league.

The intramural program is meant to be a fun and enjoyable time for all people. Poor sportsmanship and unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. 

The director in charge of the league is the final ruling. They can eject and suspend a player from a game or league. Ejection or suspension can result in suspension from all intramural sports for the semester, year or the rest of your Monmouth career.