Service and Assistance Animals

(Including Emotional Support Animals or ESA’s)

The College is committed to supporting the needs of individuals with disabilities and/or medical/mental health conditions. Though students are not permitted to bring pets on campus, the college allows individuals to have service animals and emotional support animals on campus according to our Policy. All Owners should receive a written approval from the Academic Support and Accessibility Services Office prior to bringing their animal to campus. Unauthorized animals brought to campus may be subject to a fee per the Office of Residence Life policy and procedures. To request a service animal or emotional support animal, the student must:

  1. Complete the Accommodations Request Form
  2. Once the ASAS has received your Accommodations Request Form the Associate Director we will be in contact with you to clarify next steps and to provide you with a copy of our “Assistance Animal Registration” form. The ASAS will only accept the “Assistance Animal Registration form” from an MD for a medical condition or from a psychiatrist or other licensed mental health provider for a mental health condition.