Obtaining Accommodations

To request accommodations both incoming students and returning students should:

  1. Self-identify to the Academic Support and Accessibility Services Office (ASAS) about their need for accommodations (e.g. academic, housing, emotional support animals) by contacting our office (this can be done by completing the “Accommodations Request Form”).
  2. Complete the “Accommodations Request Form”.
  3. Once the ASAS has received your Accommodations Request Form the Associate Director we will be in contact with you about next steps and additional required documentation based on the type of accommodations you are requesting.

Documentation Guidelines can be found within our “ASAS Student Accommodation Handbook

Please note:

Documentation NOT accepted:

  • A brief note from a doctor that simply requests an accommodation
  • Information or notes written on prescription pads
  • Copy of after-care instructions
  • Documentation of learning disabilities which is not comprehensive or which identifies “learning problems” or “learning challenges” but does not specifically diagnose a learning disability
  • The provider may not be related to the student.