Housing Accommodations

Residential living is central and vital to the experience for all Monmouth College Students. Standard housing provisions adequately meet the needs of most Monmouth College students. However, Monmouth College also provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities and/or medical/mental health conditions who have a medically necessary need for them. A reasonable accommodation may include an exception to the usual rules, policies, practices or services that a resident may need for the full benefit or enjoyment of college housing. If you have a documented disability and/or medical/mental health condition, you may request a housing accommodation utilizing this form and documentation from your provider. To be considered for a housing accommodation, the student must:

  1. Complete the Accommodations Request Form
  2. Complete the Housing Accommodation Request Form which should be completed by the student and licensed provider (e.g. Physician, counselor, therapist…). The provider must stamp or return the form with their letterhead attached. The Housing Accommodations Request Form is required for all housing accommodation requests, notes from providers will not be accepted.  

An accommodation request is unreasonable if it:

  1. Imposes an undue financial and/or administrative burden;
  2. fundamentally alters College housing policies;
  3. poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others or would cause substantial property damage to property of others and/or College property; and/or
  4. is otherwise unreasonable to the operation of the college. 

Deadlines: Although we do accept documentation at any time during the year, to ensure time to implement the requested accommodations prior to the term, please see below:

  • Incoming new and transfer students: All documentation for incoming new and transfer students starting in fall semester should be received by July 7 and by December 1 for students starting in spring semester.
  • Returning students: All housing documentation for returning students requesting an accommodation for the following year must be submitted by March 1 prior to the room selection process for the following year.
  • Missed deadlines: The accommodation requests of students who miss the deadline or submit incomplete information may not be able to be met during the requested semester. If need for a housing accommodation arises when an individual is already residing in housing, they should reach out to ASAS and submit the accommodation request form asap. The ASAS will be in contact with next appropriate steps. Once all documentation is received, the ASAS will promptly review the request, though cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet the accommodation needs during the semester in which the request was made.