Disclosure for New Accommodations

Disclosing and Documenting a Disability to Support a Request for Accommodation(s)

In an effort to assist students with their accommodation requests, students should follow these step-by-step instructions.

Step One: Complete and submit the “Disclosure for New Accommodations Form” below.

Step Two: Submit appropriate documentation of your disability.

This should include any medical documentation found in our Accessibility Services Policy, if you had an IEP or 504 Plan in high school by the following deadlines to ensure accommodation placement:

  • New students and transfer students, July 17 for fall semester and December 1 for spring semester.
  • Returning students by March 1.

Deadlines: Although we do accept documentation at any time during the year, to ensure time to implement the requested accommodations prior to the term.

Step Three: The Student Access & Support Specialist will schedule an intake with the student.

We meet with each student to understand their specific needs and make sure they understand the resources and support available as well as their rights and responsibilities. 

Step Four: Once documentation has been received and an intake with student has been completed, the Accessibility Services Office will determine eligibility for an accommodation(s).

Documentation is reviewed promptly; however, processing can take up to 30 days. (It is possible that additional documentation or consultation with a provider may be necessary before a decision can be made for further clarification.

Confidentiality of Information

The Accessibility Service Office is committed to ensuring that all information and communication pertaining to a student’s disability is maintained as confidential as required or permitted by law.

The following guidelines about the treatment of such information have been adopted by the Accessibility Services Office and will be shared with students. These guidelines incorporate relevant state and federal regulations.

  1. No one will have immediate access to student files in the Accessibility Services Office except appropriate staff of the Accessibility Services Office. Any information regarding a disability is considered confidential and will be shared only with others within Monmouth College who have a legitimate educational interest.
  2. This information is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  3. Sensitive information in the Accessibility Services Office student files will not be released except in accordance with federal and state laws.
  4. A student’s file may be released pursuant to a court order or subpoena.
  5. If a student wishes to have information about their disability shared with others outside the College, the student must provide written authorization to the Student Access & Support Specialist to release the information. Before giving such authorization, the student should understand the purpose of the release and to whom the information is being released. The student should also understand that there may be occasions when the Specialist will share information with institutional personnel regarding a student’s disability at her discretion if circumstances necessitate the sharing of information and the Specialist has determined that there is an appropriate legitimate educational interest involved.
  6. A student has the right to review their own Accessibility Services file with reasonable notification.