Accessibility Services

  1. Determine, with students, appropriate academic adjustments consistent with the student’s documentation.
  2. Administer policies and guidelines regarding “reasonable accommodations.”
  3. Maintain confidential records that document the plan for the provision of selected accommodations.
  4. Assist students with disabilities by developing the role of self-advocate.
  5. Provide instruction in learning strategies (e.g., attention and memory strategies, planning, self-monitoring, time management, organization, problem-solving).
  6. Meet with prospective students, and when appropriate with their parents/guardians, to discuss services available at Monmouth.
  7. Establish rights and responsibilities with respect to service provisions for students with disabilities.
  8. Implement appropriate academic disability support services for Monmouth.
  9. Refer a student for additional testing or supplemental testing as needed.
  10. Provide consultation with faculty and staff regarding accommodations, compliance with legal responsibilities, as well as instructional, programmatic, physical and curriculum modifications.
  11. Provide disability-awareness training for campus constituencies as requested/needed.
  12. Collect and assess student feedback to measure satisfaction with disability services and to monitor use of disability services.