Service and Assistance Animal Policy

The College is committed to supporting the needs of individuals with disabilities or medical/mental health conditions. Though students are not permitted to bring pets on campus, individuals may request to have service animals and emotional support animals on campus according to our Policy.

To request a service animal or emotional support animal, the student must:

  1. Complete the Accommodations Request Form
  2. Once the SSAS has received your Accommodations Request Form the Associate Director we will be in contact with you about next steps and a copy of our “Assistance Animal Registration” form which will be provided to you by the SSAS Associate Director after the Accommodations Request has been received.

Upon approval students agree to abide by the Service and Assistance Animal policy as stated below:

  1. I certify the information I have provided is accurate and understand:
    1. I am responsible for cleaning up after my service/assistance animal on all Monmouth College property, as well as any damage caused by the
    2. I may be charged for damages, smells, stains etc after vacating my residence hall room.
    3. The ESA will remain in the ESA owner’s assigned campus room and is not permitted in other students’ rooms or the common areas of the residential facilities, or in other areas of the college such as classrooms, academic buildings, administrative buildings, libraries, dining services areas, fitness center, athletic facilities/games.
    4. Residents living on campus with an ESA or service animal, the handler’s residence may be inspected for fleas, ticks, pests, and/or other damage as needed. The Residence Life office will schedule the inspection and notify the resident of the scheduled inspection. If fleas, ticks, or other pests/damage is detected through inspection, the residence hall will be treated in accordance with pest control procedures. The handler will be billed for the expense of any necessary pest control treatment and/or
    5. My service/assistance animal must be under control at all
    6. If the animal is not under control or acts in a disruptive or dangerous way, the animal may be asked to not return to Monmouth College
    7. My animal has a valid Warren County dog license. (Applicable dogs only).
    8. I will submit updated immunizations for my
    9. I am responsible for all grooming of the animal at all times, including checking for flea and odor control.
    10. Roommates will be notified about the animal by the Office of Residence Life. The notification will include the type of animal, size, and what services the animal Roommates may request a room change if they desire to do so.
    11. I acknowledge that the College reserves the right to place other reasonable conditions or restrictions on the animal depending upon the nature and characteristics of the
    12. I acknowledge that my animal may be removed from campus if I am not compliant with the policies and/or my animal is disruptive and/or dangerous to
    13. My animal is a reasonable size for a college residence hall room
    14. Limit 1 animal per approved student.
    15. Rooms with ESA or Service Animals inside may be marked to identify an animal is inside to those outside of the room. This is to ensure the safety of the animal if maintenance needs to enter the room or if evacuations are necessary.