Note Taker Information

It is the student’s responsibility to approach you if they feel as though they need a note taker for your class.

Here are some suggestions as to how you might help a student arrange a note taker:

If the student indicates that they are in need of a note taker do the following:

  • Announce in class that a student in the course is in need of a note taker. (For obvious reasons, do not share the student’s name or point the student out.) Explain that a volunteer is needed who would simply take notes as he/she would normally.
  • Notes can be taken on NCR paper available at the Accessibility Services Office or notes can be typed and submitted to the professor or the Student Access & Support Specialist of the Accessibility Services Office and then emailed to the student as soon as possible.
  • Explain that following class the note taker simply peels off the back portion of the NCR page (unless typing notes) and leaves it with the professor for the student to pick up.
  • Instruct the student volunteer to contact the Accessibility Services Office if NCR paper is needed.
  • Please feel free to contact the us at or 309-457-2214 if there are any difficulties in finding a note taker.