Academic Support & Accessibility Services

We are committed to the promotion of intellectual engagement, critical thinking, academic success and accessibility for students with disabilities. 

The Office of Academic Support and Accessibility Services is a resource for ALL students. It provides academic support services, including tutoring, supplemental instruction and “academic coaching.” A Writing Center is also available on campus to provide students with assistance and teaching assistants are available in various departments.

Academic assistance provided by student tutors is earmarked to assist students with specific subject matter. The supplemental instruction is a peer-led academic assistance program offered for the most challenging subjects/courses. Academic coaches are upperclass students who work one-on-one with classmates on organization, time management and other aspects of campus life.

Our Student Support and Accessibility team supports students with documented disabilities who need accommodations or assistance to support their academic and personal success.

Accessibility services

Monmouth works to provide students with disabilities a learning and community environment that affords them full participation, equal access and reasonable accommodation of their disabilities. All disability-related information is treated in a confidential manner.

Monmouth students with disabilities can fully participate in academic programming and all other facets of the College.

We have five primary goals:

  1. Gather and evaluate documentation and requests to determine eligibility for accommodations and services.
  2. Provide, coordinate and facilitate reasonable accommodations and services. 
  3. Recommend modifications to improve access to college facilities.
  4. Provide information and training on disability-related topics to college faculty and staff.
  5. Serve as a resource on disability information for the College community and visitors.