Annual Renewal Process

Sorority bid day is one of the best days! Sorority bid day is one of the best days!

Student Organization Handbook 2022-2023

Keep it updated

All student organizations must re-register with our office every fall semester. This process must be completed annually so that we know you will be an active organization during the current academic year.

Re-registering allows you to update your membership and executive board lists which, in turn, updates your email group account.

Review your constitution

It is a good habit to review your constitution every fall so your organization’s practices continue to match its policies. Registration allows students to upload any changes to a group’s constitution.

Remaining as a registered organization allows you to retain your Scots Student Senate privileges, which includes requesting funding and voting.

Registering made easy

Access the Student Organization Database. You will see a drop-down box on the main screen with the organization(s) you serve as president.

To fully re-register, make sure to:

  • update your membership, officers and advisers;
  • upload your current constitution;
  • complete the agreement, then and hit the register button

Download our step-by-step guide to help with registration