Alternative Spring Break

Serve others while traveling

Join a group of students to learn about other cities while volunteering for their communities on our alternative spring break trip, also known as ASB. It occurs every spring semester and allows students the opportunity to give back to a community.

A peek into the trip

Students secure their spot in our trip by the end of January. Students meet about four times as a team to prepare for the upcoming trip by participating in team-bonding activities while prepping their packing list and learning more about the community we will serve.

Our ASB trips have a blend of educational sites and service. The educational sites include museums, historical landmarks and cultural havens, which give our students a chance to learn about an area before they start helping it.

No ASB trip would be complete without service. Our service sites allow students to directly help the community they have been learning so much about with activities that range from serving food to renovating a community farm.

Sounds awesome – I’m in

A call out to students is made during fall semester. There is a small fee to join the ASB trip, which helps cover students’ stay, travel and meal allowance. Contact us for more information.