Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are scholarships funded by gifts to the College.

Monmouth College endowed scholarships are made possible through the generous donations of alumni and friends who wish to assist students in achieving their educational goals. Some alumni, who were themselves the beneficiaries of scholarship support, have established these funds as a way to give back to the College and to positively impact students. Several of these scholarships have been established to honor a relative, classmate, or former faculty member.

These generous gifts to the college which are then passed on to students in the form of scholarships/financial aid have made it possible for generations of students to enroll at Monmouth College. Our alumni and friends have made it possible for students to experience all that Monmouth College has to offer in a smaller, more personalized, private college at an affordable price. For the vast majority of these scholarships, there is no application necessary. Members of our staff, who comprise the selection committee, will select the recipients each year. Recipients of endowed scholarships will be notified each year at the Matriculation Ceremony or the Honors Convocation Ceremony.