Academic Scholarships

Competitive Scholarships for First-year Students

Each year, select students are eligible based on academic criteria to apply and compete for a small number of full-tuition scholarships. First-year students with a cumulative high school GPA of a 3.6 or above are eligible to compete for the following awards as part of our Scholarship Competition event: 

Competitive Scholarships for Transfer Students

In addition to our Dean’s scholarships, for which transfer applicants are automatically considered, there are two additional special scholarship opportunities for incoming transfer students.

Special Interest Scholarships

Monmouth chooses to put the majority of our aid dollars toward Dean’s Scholarships and Monmouth grants, to allow students and families to receive the maximum aid award up front and as early as possible in the process. However, we do have a select number of additional scholarships for special groups. Students interested in auditioning or interviewing for one of our special interest scholarships can do so as part of a campus visit or your admission counselor to schedule a virtual audition.

Church Affiliated Scholarships

Teacher Education Related Scholarships

Community-Based Scholarships

Military Affiliated Scholarships

Greek Life Scholarships