Withdrawal from Classes

Students who plan to leave the College and who do not intend to return should complete the withdrawal process. This simple procedure allows the College to assist students in obtaining transcripts, references or receiving other services needed after departing from Monmouth and insures that students will receive any refund due them on their housing deposit.

A student who does not return to the College and does not formally withdraw might not receive a refund and may experience delays in obtaining transcripts or other services which otherwise could be avoided.

In order to begin the withdrawal process a student should obtain the proper forms from the Office of Student Affairs. Completed forms should be filed with the Office of Student Affairs.

In some cases where it is impossible for a student to return to campus, the withdrawal process can be completed by phone (contact the Office of Student Affairs), mail or e-mail.

Students who withdraw from the College must apply for readmission by petitioning the Office of the Registrar.