Video & Audio Recording

This policy seeks to promote open and honest communication by disallowing surreptitious recordings that can create a chilling effect on communication. In the spirit of this policy, faculty, staff and students at Monmouth College (MC) may not use any recording devices on campus or in the workplace to record conversations or activities where the parties involved have a reasonable expectation of privacy without the express consent of those individuals being recorded (Note: For purposes of this policy, a motor vehicle used in the course of educational activities or in the performance of employment responsibilities will be considered to be a part of the campus or workplace). Therefore, unless all parties have indicated either verbally or in writing that video or audio recording be permitted at a given time, video or audio recording is prohibited.

Unless otherwise applied by Monmouth College, this policy does not extend to the use of Monmouth College security cameras, or the video or audio recording of MC approved athletic events, music events, theatre events, lectures, presentations, or any other public activities held on campus or in the workplace.

With regard to classroom sessions, video or audio recording is prohibited unless a reasonable accommodation under the American with Disabilities Act requires such recording or the faculty member assigned to the course allows for such recordings by specifying so in the course syllabus in which case such recordings are solely for the purposes of the class.

Violations of this policy may be brought to the attention of the Academic Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, or Personnel Office.