Use of Monmouth College Name or Logos

Reproduction of College Name or Logos

Monmouth College owns exclusive trademark rights to the Monmouth College name, corporate logo, athletic logo and college seal. Vendors wishing to reproduce the College name or logos on commercial products must first obtain a license through the College’s licensing agent, the Licensing Resource Group Inc.

Use by Individuals or Organizations

Individuals and organizations are required to secure design approval prior to production. Students must secure approval from the Office of Student Affairs (Ext. 2113). All others must secure approval through Office of Communications and Marketing (Ext. 2321). Any use by individuals or organizations of the Monmouth College name or logos on printed or promotional material without advanced approval by the College administration constitutes trademark infringement and is subject to legal and/or disciplinary action. Individuals or organizations wishing to use the Monmouth College name or logos on printed merchandise are also required to use a licensed vendor. A list of licensed vendors is available here or from the offices of Communications and Marketing or Residence Life.

Implied Use of Name

Trademark infringement applies not only to the unauthorized use of the college name but also to the unauthorized implied use of the college name. For example, a T-shirt produced in conjunction with any Monmouth College-sponsored event or activity (e.g., Scots Day) must receive advance institutional approval, even if the Monmouth College name or logo does not appear on the shirt.


Individuals, groups and vendors who are involved in the creation and/or production of a product with the Monmouth College name, logo or their implication without authorization should expect a response from the College either legally or disciplinarily. All questions about the use or implied use of the Monmouth College name and/or logos should be directed to the Office or Residence Life (Ext. 2113) or the Office of Communications and Marketing (Ext. 2321).