Student Social Gathering Guidelines

Due to concerns related to the current COVID-19 pandemic, social gatherings have been limited for Monmouth College students, faculty, & staff. Students and student organizations wishing to host pre-scheduled events/social gatherings are required to contact the Office of Campus Events (309.457.2345) and review the “Campus Events Pandemic Standard Operating Procedures” and “Campus Events Checklist.”

However, students desiring to gather together safely without any pre-approval or reservation may do so, but must do so by adhering to the following guidelines (which are in line with the COVID-19 policies):

  • No social gathering may be larger than TEN (10) people indoors or FIFTEEN (15) outdoors (not without pre-approval)
  • All must correctly wear face masks/coverings at all times
    • Exceptions will be made for those seated while eating & socially distanced (6 feet) from others
    • Improper usage of face masks/coverings, including coverings being worn by only some or most of the gathering, will result in the gathering being DISPERSED
  • Attendees must practice social distancing (6 feet apart) from other individuals/groups
  • Attendees are responsible for all trash clean-up at whatever location they inhabit

Locations for Social Gatherings without Pre-Approval

Below is a list of locations across campus where students can socially gather as long as the above criterion are being adhered to by all attendees: