Student Complaints of Faculty Conduct

At Monmouth, we understand that students may have legitimate complaints about faculty conduct, particularly as it affects their learning.

If at all possible, the student should first approach the faculty member in question. Though the thought of approaching a faculty member with whom a student has a dispute may be intimidating, many conflicts are a result of miscommunication or misunderstanding that can be resolved simply by opening lines of communication. When the faculty member is made aware of the problem, the vast majority will be willing to work with the student to resolve a complaint or conflict.

However, if opening a line of communication with the professor is problematic or does not resolve the issue, the student should arrange a meeting with the Associate Dean for Academic Integrity. If this person is the same faculty member with whom the student has a dispute or complaint, the student should then arrange to meet with an alternate Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

Information about which faculty members are serving as Associate Deans can be obtained by contacting the Dean of Academic Affairs office (309-457-2325). Alternatively, a student may file a complaint using the online form at MyMC.