Hall directors and head residents should be informed about the presence of solicitors so they can determine whether the solicitors have permission to be there. The guidelines below must be followed.

General Policy

Solicitation by salesman for any product or distribution of any gifts will be allowed on campus only with the written permission of the Office of Student Affairs.

Vendors may not distribute materials on the campus or make gifts to students before receiving clearance from the Office of Student Affairs and being sponsored by a recognized student organization.

Vendors who deliver to the campus articles or food ordered by students are expected to provide quality products and services and to abide by College regulations. Vendors who fail to do so will not be allowed on campus.

Vendors who wish to establish machine service on campus must contract with the vice president for finance and business. The following guidelines will be applied to solicitors:

  1. the product or service offered will be of benefit to students or student organization;
  2. the agent will be verified to be a representative of a well-established agency or company;
  3. students will not be imposed upon.

The following guidelines will be used for the distribution of free gifts or services by vendors:

  1. the product, service, or article will be of benefit to the student and/or College;
  2. the product, service, and/or article will not obligate the student or the College in any way.