Room Assignments Changes & Consolidation

Room changes are available only on a space available basis and for cause. A form to request a room assignment change is available from the hall director, head resident or house manager. Appropriate signatures must be obtained with final approval needed from the Office of Residence Life. Students changing rooms without the prior approval of the Hall Director or Head Resident and the Office of Residence Life and Housing will be subject to a $100 fine.

In the event of roommate conflicts, students are expected to resolve issues and may seek assistance with the resolution of conflicts from residence hall staff. If conflicts cannot be resolved it is expected that the roommate who has the greatest issue with the living arrangement move to a different location. Students do not have the right to force a roommate out of the room.

After the third week of a semester a student who is left in a room because his/her roommate moved out will be permitted to keep the room for the remainder of the current semester without a double/single charge. If, however, a student is left without a roommate during the first two weeks of the semester he or she will be consolidated which may require a move to another room or residence hall. All roommates must be approved by the Office of Residence Life. Students may request to remain in a double room alone. If space is available the student may do so at a cost of $900.00 per semester.

Term of Residence

Student housing may be occupied and must be vacated in accordance with the published dates issued by the Office of Residence Life.

Security Deposit

A $150.00 deposit is required at the beginning of the first semester of enrollment and will be retained by the College for the duration of enrollment. The deposit will be returned to the student, less any assessments for damages or outstanding College charges following inspection of the room and premises.