Off-Campus Housing Eligibility

Monmouth College is a residential campus and requires all students to live in College housing unless the student’s permanent address is within driving distance of the institution and he or she is residing with parents or legal guardians. A student may request an exception to the requirement by writing to the Office of Residence Life and requesting permission to live off campus. To be granted permission to live off campus requires the student to meet one of the following criteria.

  • a nontraditional student (23 or older)
  • has completed four years at the institution
  • is within driving distance of the campus and can provide written proof of residency with parents or legal guardians(s) (letter from parent or guardian)
  • has a physician documented health concern (s) that requires student to live off campus
  • is an orphan or ward of the court until age 18
  • parents are deceased
  • is a military veteran
  • is married
  • has legal dependents