Occupancy & Board

All unmarried students, unless granted a waiver, are to live on campus. Board is also required and may not be canceled unless the student graduates, officially withdraws for the College, or takes part in an authorized off-campus program. Refunds of board charges will be based on the withdrawal date and applicable percentage for charge. No refunds are allowed for missed meals.

Spaces within residence halls occupied by students will not be made available to non-students. If there are spaces within the living units available at times during which students do not occupy them, these will be made available to non-students for special occasions at the approved rental price. The vice president for finance and business and the vice president for student life will set the price.

A deposit is required of all new students accepting admissions to the College. This $150 is retained as a deposit that is refunded at graduation or withdrawal of the student from the College, provided there are no outstanding charges. New student deposits are refundable if requested by May 1 prior to entry for the fall semester.

The residence halls open each semester at noon on the day before the semester officially begins and close twenty-four hours after the last final exam. Room and board privileges do not include vacations or provisions of guests. Students are not permitted to stay in the residence halls or fraternity houses after the official closing time unless written permission has been obtained from the Office of Students Affairs. Meal service for new students in the fall begins with the start of New Student Orientation. Otherwise, meal service for students in the fall begins with dinner the first day the residence halls officially open and ends with breakfast the day after the last final examinations.

Termination of Occupancy

Monmouth College reserves the right to terminate at any time residence hall occupancy without refund, and to take possession of the room when a student is suspended or dismissed.