Guests & Visitation

All Residence Halls, Founders Village, Sorority and Theme Houses have 24 hour visitation privileges.

Twenty-four hour visitation however does not imply that a guest may stay continuously for twenty four hours in a hall, fraternity complex or sorority/theme house on campus. Twenty-four hour visitation is a privilege extended to allow students to have guests during any hour of the day as long as the length of that visit is considered reasonable by the residence hall/house staff. Co-habitation however is not permitted.

The purpose of the visitation program is to entertain guests. The individual resident is personally and primarily responsible for his or her actions and conduct as well as for the safety, well-being and conduct of guests. The rights of roommates are to be observed, and College and residence hall regulations are to be upheld when guests are entertained. Guests and hosts must observe commonly accepted standards of conduct.

The hall council also has a major obligation to ensure that guests in a living unit observe the peace and normal living requirements of the hall. If conduct regulations are not properly maintained, as determined by the Office of Residence Life, and if the hall council and individuals do not practice responsibility for maintaining the peace of the hall, action may be taken by the Office of Residence Life.

In extreme cases of irresponsibility or disregard for the intent of this policy to promote the entertaining of guests in a socially acceptable manner, the College may be obligated to review the privilege for the hall in question.

Monmouth College reserves the right to ban from campus guests of students who may be deemed to have violated Monmouth College rules and Federal and State laws.