Freedom of Expression

Monmouth College affirms its belief in and commitment to freedom of expression, discussion, and inquiry in the following statement of policy

Any faculty member or student organization recognized by the faculty may invite any speaker and may use the facilities of the College, provided (a) that the scheduling of the speaker’s appearance does not conflict unduly with other events on the College calendar; (b) that the sponsoring organization provides assurance that it can defray the expense of the speaker; and (c) that the speaker agrees to a question-and-answer period following the address.

It should be recognized that the invitation to an individual to speak to a segment of the College community does not constitute an endorsement of the speaker or of his or her views or actions by the College.

Monmouth College also supports the right of each of its members to examine, discuss, and support issues and express opinions within limitations set by local, state, and national statutes. Issues related to our academic community are always open for discussion, definition, and review. The College’s academic process and its related functions and activities may not be disrupted, however. An orderly and rational examination of local and global issues, objectives and values, and of educational and social systems is expected.

Members of the College are also expected to make effective use of existing channels of communication to review limitations, policies and procedures, and to resolve grievances. Procedures that are disruptive to the academic process can be destructive to the pursuit of learning, to individual freedom of expression, and, potentially, to a free society. All members of the community are urged to protect the academic community from such tactics.

Camp Flag Policy

Only the United States and Monmouth College flags can be flown on the front of the campus. The flag pole located on the front lawn of Wallace Hall is reserved solely for displaying the United States and Monmouth College Flags. The U.S. flag will be lowered to half-staff at the request of the President of United States of America or the Governor of the state of Illinois. Further, the Monmouth College flag can be lowered to half-staff at the directions of Monmouth College President for the death of a member of the faculty, staff, student body, board of trustees, a close friend of the college, or a former member of the faculty, staff or board of trustees.

Student groups and organizations can fly their flags on campus in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Approved Groups/Organizations:
    1. Organizations recognized by Scots Student Senate and the faculty in accordance with the Monmouth College recognized student organization policy
    2. Organizations, sponsored by an academic department or administrative office, which have existed for at least (6) six months and are recognized by Scots Student Senate and/or by the Office of Students Affairs.
    3. Organizations that have either a staff or faculty member as an advisor.
  2. Flag Specifications:
    1. The flag must be a professionally-produced, commercially available flag which has been outfitted to fly on a flagpole (i.e. with appropriate grommets and reinforced).
    2. The sponsoring organization must provide to the Office of Student Affairs, at its own cost, the flag and pole to be flown.
    3. The flag can be no smaller than (4x6) and no larger than (8x10).
  3. Regulations
    1. No Flag may fly on the same pole as the U.S. or the Monmouth College flags.
    2. Flags representing student groups, organizations, cultures, or nations, representing students of Monmouth College, may be displayed at designated spaces as determined by the Office of Student Affairs. The current designated places to fly flags are outside of the Stockdale Center, facing the main quad area and the Intercultural House; Monmouth College approved theme housing, and fraternity and sorority houses.
    3. The Monmouth College flag must be displayed in the center of all student organizational flags flown at the Stockdale Center, Champion Miller Center.
    4. Fraternity and Sorority organizations may display their organization’s flag on their house.
  4. Responsibilities
    1. The flag sponsoring organization must provide the Office of Student Affairs with a written request at least (10) ten business days before the organization wishes to have their flag displayed. The request must include a short rationale as to why the group would like to have their flag flown. Only flags of approved Monmouth College organizations can be considered to be flown; a request does not guarantee approval.
    2. Upon approval, the flag must be presented to the Office of Student Affairs for proper execution of the display process.
    3. Proposed flags must be consistent with Monmouth College’s mission and purposes and may not infringe on an individual’s basic human rights. Further, the proposed flag must not be in violation of any rules or regulations outlined in the Monmouth College Scots Guide.
    4. Flags displayed at campus events must fall within the guidelines above. Failure to obtain permission may result in disciplinary actions.

Flags may be granted a (10) ten day temporary display status to honor an event or celebration. Requests should be made in writing to the Office of the Office of Student Affairs at least (10) ten business days before the organization wishes to display the flag. Temporary status may be granted in celebration of an event relevant to a group such as:

  1. International students celebrating a country’s Independence Day.
  2. A group celebrating the kick-off or the conclusion of its Awareness Week.
  3. Other requests are welcome; a request does not guarantee approval.