Bike Rental

Campus Cruisers

Sponsored by the Associated Students of Monmouth College, Scots Cruisers are beach cruiser bicycles available free of charge to any member of the Monmouth College community, including students, faculty and staff, for their personal use in and around Monmouth College and the Monmouth community.


To provide members of the Monmouth College community with an opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint by using bicycle transportation as well as the opportunity to improve their physical well-being.

Rules and regulations

  • Scots Cruisers are to be checked out and checked in at the Stockdale Student Center desk by signing in, providing a picture ID and ID number.
  • A numbered key will be issued that corresponds to the available bike.
  • Individuals will have a 24 hour window in which to check-in the bike. A bike is considered returned when it is locked up in the designated bike rack and the key returned to the Stockdale Center Office. Failure to check the bike in within that 24 hour period will result in a $50 dollar fine. An additional $25 dollars will be added for every 12 hours the bike is missing/stolen. The bike will be considered missing 3 days after the expected return date.
  • There will be a fine of $200 for a missing/stolen bike levied against the person who has checked out the bike. Keeping the bike in a safe and secure manner is assumed upon check out and does not end until the bike is returned and locked to the designated bike rack.
  • Bikes may be used throughout campus and in the City of Monmouth. Bikes must be locked whenever left unattended whether on or off campus in order to protect the bike from damage or theft.
  • Individuals must report any damages to the bike upon return and are responsible for damages beyond regular wear and tear. Caring for the bikes and being honest when there are damages are expected.
  • Damages that are considered a cause of wear and tear will not result in a penalty or fine. This includes, but is not limited to flat tires and chain malfunctions.
  • Individuals who through foul play or negligence damage a bike will be referred for disciplinary action.