Ahh, need a little help here

We’re here to help you. Let us know if there’s a light out in your room, your room is unseasonably cold or warm, or you encounter any other problem. Speak with your floor’s resident assistant (RA) or your hall’s head resident (HR). Staff members are just down the hall and can to submit work orders on behalf of residents. Our great campus crew should have it fixed in no time. 

I think I’m sick

Our student’s health comes first. Our local community has options to help anyone who thinks they may be sick during the semester. 

So you have to do laundry now

All residence halls have laundry rooms either on the first, ground or third floors of their buildings. Residents can do their laundry any time, day or night. Laundry is free of charge.

Personal property insurance – just in case

Students are encouraged to purchase personal property insurance for their personal items. If or when accidents happen in a hall, and a student’s property is damaged, they are encouraged to fill out a “Personal Property Request for Reimbursement.” The request will be reviewed by the Business Office.

Too much stuff, I need storage

We do not provide storage for students over the summer break. During breaks in the calendar year, however, students may keep all personal belongings in their designated rooms. 

Students are encouraged to reach out to local storage units in the area.

Policies and procedures

Don’t forget to read up on all our residence hall policies before you come to campus. And maybe glance over the Scots Guide handbook as well.

Housing and classroom accommodations

We recognize each student has their own unique needs and we want to help. Learn more about our housing accommodations or feel free to contact us. Students with disabilities who find they need further assistance should contact the Accessibility Services Office