Traditional Halls

Graham Hall

Graham is a three-story 1st-year co-ed residence hall with spacious lounges on each floor. Individual rooms include large areas, some with built-in closets and dressers. Graham Hall has double rooms, some single rooms, and one triple room. A comfortable recreation lounge is located on the first floor along with a laundry room.

McMichael Residence Hall

McMichael Residence Hall – or McMike as it’s known – is a co-ed residence hall for sophomore and other upperclassmen students, which houses up to 100 students. Most rooms are double occupancy with a few single rooms.

Rooms have a closet for each student, and every room is furnished with bunkable beds, mattress, study desks with chairs, and dressers. McMike features high ceilings, a personal sink in each room, a lounge on every floor, and beautifully furnished outdoor balconies overlooking Dunlap Plaza. It’s also the closest hall to the Bookstore and Health Center, which are located on the ground floor, as well as the dining hall.

Winbigler Hall

Winbigler Hall – or Winbig as its known to its residents – is a men’s residence hall that traditionally houses first-year and sophomore students. Winbig is the hall closest to April Zorn Memorial Stadium. Most rooms are double occupancy, with a few single room options.

Traditional Hall Air Conditioner Options

Students living in Traditional Halls are encouraged to bring their own portable/non-window air conditioning unit. Units must meet certain specifications and must be registered with the Office of Residence Life.

Students may also opt to rent a unit from the College for $150 per academic year. These students will sign a rental agreement.

Additional information can be found in Room Policies.