Residence Life

A place where classmates become neighbors and neighbors become friends building a lifetime of memories.

Welcome to your new home. We’re so happy you are here. We can’t wait to see how you customize and create your own, new, living space. It’s all yours.

Our campus is a supportive, yet challenging, environment that will become your home away from home. Our office seeks to provide different living opportunities and experiences to students. We’re here to help. 

With over 90% of our students living on campus in residence halls, fraternity and sorority houses and theme houses, we offer various living units that are both comfortable and close to friends and classrooms.


  • Can I move in before my scheduled move-in date?

    Students should not expect to move in earlier than their published check-in date and time.

  • Do I have to have a meal plan?

    Yes, all students living on campus are required to participate in the meal plan. Students who live in Founders Village and special interest houses may request an exemption.

  • Can I bring a bicycle?

    Yes. Students are encouraged to register their bikes with Campus Safety. We also have a number of Scots Cruisers on campus; bikes students can rent for transportation in Monmouth.

  • Are pets allowed?

    With the exception of aquatic pets, such as small turtles and fish in small aquariums, students are not permitted to bring pets to campus. Students are fined for keeping pets in their room. Service and Assistance animals are permitted by following the College’s policies and submitting the proper forms for approval. 

  • Do I need my own property insurance?

    Yes. Students are responsible for their own property. Monmouth College does not offer property insurance.

  • Can I bring a car?

    Yes, all students may have a vehicle on campus. Visit our parking website for details.

  • What if I need air-conditioning because of allergies, asthma or another medical condition? Or what if I have another special housing need?

    Students with special housing needs should work with their doctor to complete a special housing needs request form. 

  • Are rooms carpeted?

    Rooms feature a mix of carpeted and non-carpeted areas. Individual room measurements are not always available since measurements vary, but all rooms will accommodate a rug up to eight-feet by ten-feet. Rugs and carpeting may not be affixed to the floor.

  • Is co-ed housing available?

    Bowers, Liedman, McMichael, Pattee and Peterson halls are co-ed, with roommates paired by gender. All other residence halls are single-gender. Gender inclusive housing is also available. 

  • Can I choose my roommate?

    Yes. New incoming students interested in rooming together can request each other when they submit their living preference room. Returning students can choose their roommates as part of the housing sign up process. 

  • Where can I do my laundry and how much does it cost?

    Most residence halls have laundry facilities on the first or ground floors of their buildings. Bowers Hall’s laundry room is on the 3rd floor. Residents can do their laundry any time, day or night. It’s a $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry, per load. Coin machines are located conveniently in each laundry room.

  • What do I do if I need something fixed?

    Did you notice a light out in your room? Or maybe your room is unseasonably cold or warm? Speak with your floor’s Resident Assistant (RA) or your hall’s Head Resident (HR). All student staff members have the ability to submit work orders on behalf of residents.