Religious & Spiritual Life

We nurture religious and spiritual growth,
mutual understanding and community engagement.

Our mission is to empower students to cultivate deepened connections to their inner selves, their communities, and the wider world through exploration of diverse spiritual traditions. We foster an inclusive environment encouraging students to engage in personal and collective reflection, dialogue, and action towards lives centered on purpose, integrity, and justice.

Our programs and spaces serve as catalysts for growth, inviting students to explore, question, and embrace their own faith journeys while building meaningful connections with others. We strive to provide everyone with support to empower them in their spiritual exploration and expression. We’re glad you’re here.

Our religious and spiritual life thrives on a rich diversity of student organizations, regular campus programs led by the Chaplain’s Office, collaborative special events and leadership and service opportunities.

We aren’t afraid of big questions

We explore religion, spirituality, meaning and purpose. We are here to listen. We are committed to practices of hospitality, welcome, service and worship. 

Explore programs that ask big questions, introduce new perspectives and help you grow. Find a community that feels like home, where religious traditions and experiences are both familiar and new. Our staff is a team committed to helping you find meaning, purpose and a place to belong.

We were founded by Presbyterians, but we welcome all

Monmouth College was founded in 1853 by Scotch-Irish Presbyterians who wanted to train a well-educated clergy and encourage a comprehensive, liberal arts education for all. We honor this Christian heritage and maintain our affiliation with the Presbyterian Church (USA) and reflect the PC (USA)’s commitment to ecumenism and diversity by valuing students and faculty members from all denominations, faiths, religious and non-religious backgrounds.


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