Transfer Credit

Current students

If you want to take a course at another college and have it transfer to Monmouth College, you will need to have it pre-approved by completing and submitting the request to take courses off-campus form.

New students

Transfer Credit at Admission: Students may transfer up to a maximum of 64 semester hours (16 course credits) from another accredited college or university.  Course work that is to be applied toward a major or minor or is a prerequisite for a major or minor course requires a minimum grade of C- or better to transfer.  Elective credit may be awarded with a passing grade of D. 

View specific transfer credit information and community college pathways on the Office of Admission site. 

Advanced Placement Policy:  Students who receive a score of 3 or better on an Advanced Placement exam will be granted credit. A higher exam score may be required for specific course or general education equivalency. View our table of AP credit equivalencies.

International Baccalaureate Policy: Scores of 4 or above on both the IB Higher Level and IB Standard Level Examinations will be accepted for college credit.  Students who complete the IB diploma with a score of 24 or above will be awarded a full year of college credit. 

Dual Credit: First-year students may transfer college course work taken in high school. Credit will be applied when an official transcript is received by the Office of the Registrar and if the student has earned a grade of C- or better. No credit is awarded based on a high school transcript.