Summer Session

Scots Summer Session: An eight-week, fully online summer term for current and incoming students.

Get ahead or catch up on coursework

Summer session offers students additional flexibility. Summer can be a great time to catch up and stay on track to graduate on time. Want to get a jump start or get ahead on core requirements? We’ve got you covered.

Don’t sweat the search for the right class elsewhere. Skip the hassle of transfer paperwork and take your summer courses with professors you already know and love. 

Summer 2024 Course Offerings

  • COMM 101 (“Introduction to Communication”) with Lori Walters (1.0 credit, satisfies the Fundamentals of Communication requirement)

  • ENGL 110 (“Composition and Argument”) with David Wright (1.0 credit, satisfies the Composition and Argument requirement)
  • HIST-112 (“Black America”) with Amy de Farias (1.0 credit, satisfies the Identity, Diversity & Equity and the Social Sciences Inquiry requirements)
  • MUSI 106 (“Music and Global Cultures”) with Justin Swearinger (1.0 credit, satisfies the Artistic Inquiry and the Global Learning requirements)
  • PSYC 236 (“Psychological Disorders”) with Sydney Greenwalt (1.0 credit, satisfies the Social Science Inquiry requirement)
  • PSYC 101 (“Introduction to Psychology”) with Ryan Colclasure (1.0 credit, satisfies the Scientific Inquiry requirement)
  • SPAN-102 (“Elementary Spanish II”) with Sabino Luevano-Ortega (1.0 credit satisfies the Languages and Cultures requirement)

The 2024 Summer Session will begin Monday, June 3, and run for eight weeks, ending Friday, July 26.  All courses will be delivered fully online and are available to current Monmouth students.

In addition to the options above, students may also register for the following courses offered through the Acadeum Course Sharing consortium. These are online, asynchronous offerings, also beginning Monday, June 3 and ending on Friday, July 26. You may register for these courses via Self-Service.

Summer 2024 Acadeum Course Offerings

  • ART-100 (“Art Appreciation”) satisfies the Artistic Inquiry requirement
  • HPE-158 (“Health and Wellness”) 
  • MTH-170 (“Statistics” - equates to STAT-201) satisfies the Quantitative Reasoning in Practice requirement

Cost and Financial Aid

Summer Session courses are $1,400 per course ($350.00 per .25 course credit). Summer session bills will be generated on or before May 1 with a bill due date of June 1. 

Monmouth scholarships and grants are not available in the summer, but students may be eligible for other types of financial aid if they filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students who receive a Pell Grant during the academic year may be eligible for Pell Grant funding in the summer. Students with unused loan eligibility may also elect to cover some summer expenses with federal loans. 


Registration for summer classes will be available beginning Wednesday, April 3 at the same time as registration for Fall 2024 courses. Talk with your academic advisor about summer options when you discuss your fall plans.