Registration & Advising


Monmouth students register for one semester at a time. Students register for fall courses typically in March or April of the preceding spring semester. Spring course registration takes place in October or November. Prior to registration, students should meet with their advisor to discuss course selection and obtain clearance for registration. Priority registration times for each student are assigned based on the number of current earned course credits.

summer 2024, FALL 2024 & j-Term 2025  Registration Information


Students plan their academic program in partnership with a faculty advisor who provides advice about courses and other co-curricular opportunities. Advisors help students plan and navigate degree completion, and provide guidance regarding educational goals. While their faculty advisor or advisors are a student’s primary source of information, our office is also available to answer questions regarding your degree completion plan. 

Choosing an advisor

Introduction to Liberal Arts (ILA) instructors serve as academic advisors for first-year students. After a student’s first semester at Monmouth, they are encouraged to formally declare an advisor within their major area of study. Students can choose which faculty member from their major they think might be a best fit, or our office can help recommend an advisor if they are not sure.

Students with double majors may have an advisor in each discipline. Students should complete the Declaration of Advisor form. 

Declaring a major

It is important that our office has the most up-to-date information regarding students’ majors so our team, advisors and students can track progress to degree effectively. To declare a new or additional major, complete the Declaration of Major form. Many first-year students begin without a declared major. Our majors quiz can help with exploration, and advisors in the Wackerle Center for Career, Leadership & Fellowships also support students exploring major options.

Students planning to pursue a pre-professional program – such as pre-law, pre-med, physical therapy, occupational therapy, veterinary medicine, – or a 3-2 program in atmospheric science or engineering must also complete an additional form.