Forms & Policies

Student forms

Completed forms may be dropped off at the Office of the Registrar located in the ACE in Hewes Library or may be emailed directly to Please note that if required signatures (student, instructor, advisor, department chair or Associate Dean) cannot be obtained in person, we will accept an email in lieu of a signature granting approval.

Majors and advising

Declaration of Major and/or Minor Form

(opens in a newAdAdd or change an academic major or minor by completing and submitting this form.

Declaration of New or Additional Advisor
Add or change an academic advisor by completing and submitting the declaration of advisor form.

Declaration of Pre-Professional Health Program/3-2 Program
Students planning to pursue a pre-professional-health track (pre-med, pre-dent, pre-PT, etc.) or students pursuing a 3+2 program in Engineering or Atmospheric Science should complete this form.

Registration and credit completion

Request to Take Coursework Off Campus
Planning to take courses elsewhere and transfer your credits back to Monmouth? Complete this form to ensure in advance your credits will apply for credit toward your Monmouth degree.

Request to Take Coursework via Acadeum

Monmouth College offers courses through Acadeum Course Sharing network. These courses must be pre-approved and are fully online. Students must complete this form to first request approval to take coursework via Acadeum.

Internship forms

Petitions and requests

  • Petition for Course Overload
    (opens in a new tab)
    Students wishing to enroll in more than 4.5 course credits in one semester must receive approval from their advisor and should submit this form to request permission from the Admissions & Academic Status Committee which must approve overloads.
  • Students wishing to request an exception to academic policy must complete this form. Common examples include students wishing to participate in Commencement prior to completion of degree requirements or asking to waive senior residency requirements.
  • Transcript Request Form

Other forms

  • Occasionally students apply to design a unique major with a name other than an existing major option at the College. This application is required for students wishing to pursue a topical major.
  • Change your permanent address with our office to ensure important mail finds you off campus.
  • Alumni needing to duplicate or replace their Monmouth diploma may submit this request.

Request for Hiatus form