Colleague Student Planning and Advising Overview

Student Planning will enable students to better plan and register for the courses they need to complete their academic program. In this module, students will have the ability to view progress (program evaluation/degree audit), search for courses, plan their terms, and schedule and register for courses.

Using the Advising pages, advisors will have access to provide guidance and feedback on their students’ academic plan.

To login to Student Planning, log in to MyMC and you will find the access point to Student Planning on the bottom right portion of the screen.

A menu will appear with links that you can use to view different information. For example, Advising will be used to access information regarding your advisees.

Your current advisees will display. Click on the view details button at the right by the name of the advisee from the list or you may enter the name or student ID of the advisee and click search. You may also enter the ID of the student if known in the search bar.

You advisees are able to request a review of their academic plan at any time through this system. If an advisee requests a review, you will receive an email notification. You will also have a notification when you log in and a check mark notification next to the advisee requesting a review.

When you view the advisee detail page, you will be able to see any notifications or holds that the student has on his/her/their record.

Another example:

Course Plan

The Course Plan will default to the current term if the student is currently registered or if they are not registered, it will default to the last term registered.

Note: You can switch between the List View and the Calendar View. The Calendar View is recommended and most beneficial when helping a student plan their schedule for a particular term as you can easily see any section conflicts and can view other possible sections.  

On the List View of the Calendar, you can also view what the student has planned and registered. We are currently not using the approve/deny functionality, but are currently working on the Clearance for Registration process through Student Planning.

If a student tries to register or adds a course to their plan where a prerequisite or corequisite exists and the student has not completed, registered or planned that requisite, a warning will appear. That course will appear in red on the calendar view. Courses that are registered appear as green and courses plan appear as yellow.

Advisors may protect a course and prevent a student from removing a course from their plan or moving the course from one term to another. Advisors may also remove a lock on a course by selecting the course and clicking “Unprotect.”


Advisors can also view a student’s timeline to see the past, current and future (planned) terms at the same time. The number of planned, enrolled, or completed credits appear at the bottom of each term. The individual grades and GPA appears if the term is complete.

Planned courses may be moved to another term or may be removed. You may select to remove a single course or you can select to remove an entire planned term. To remove all planned courses, selected Remove Planned Courses and choose the term. This option cannot be undone, so be careful.

To add a future term to the plan if it is not displayed on the timeline:

  • Click Add a Term
  • Select the Term to add to the plan (Currently, we are including fall, spring and Scots Terms and Summer terms)
  • Click Add Term

To move a planned course to a different term:

  • Click on the course title and drag to another term.


The Progress tab is the program evaluation/degree audit, but is much enhanced and interactive in Student Planning. Student information is displayed at the top which includes their program, GPA, degree, major, department, catalog, progress toward degree, credits completed and credits toward residency requirements. Students and advisors are now able to see completed, registered and planned courses. For those courses that are not yet completed, registered or planned, students will be able to see the list of courses that meet a particular requirement and search for available sections.

By requirements, you may wish to click expand all so that all requirements are visible. You may hide or show details of each subrequirement.

When Search is clicked, you are then in the Course Catalog. The course catalog will list the courses that meet a specific requirement.

Use the filters on the left to filter the list of sections that are available by choosing a term, instructor, time of day, course types, etc.

Here you may add a course to a plan or add a section to the schedule.

View a New Program

If your advisee is interested in exploring an alternative major, you can also use the View a New Program button to search and select the programs offered from the list.

Course Catalog

The Course Catalog tab allows you to access the entire College Catalog. You can use the Search for Courses box to search for a particular course or word in that course name or description. You can search for a subject by entering it in the Search for a course subject box or scrolling down through the list of subjects.

The Advanced Search tab allows you to search by term, courses and section, course type, etc.

The search results will display the filters and allow the student or advisor to add the course to the schedule (note: this is NOT officially registering for the course, but rather this is equivalent to the preferred list of classes that students were able to complete via Express Registration in the Web Advisor platform).


After selecting courses, go back to the Course Plan tab and select the Calendar view. The student’s planned courses are listed. If the semester schedule is available, select View Other Sections for each course to get a real-time view of the semester.

Add course to plan does not mean you are registered for the course! Add section to schedule does not mean student is registered for the course (this is similar to Express Registration in Web Advisor). The course is “planned” and therefore students must take action and click the blue register button.

If a student may not be registered for a section for any reason (course is full, course is not offered, pre-requisite not met, business office hold, etc.) a notification will display at the top right corner of the screen.

Courses that are successfully registered will display a status of registered and will turn green.

Students may drop courses within the add/drop period by clicking the blue drop button. Choose the sections to drop or add and click update. Dropped sections will return to planned status until the course is removed.

Students and advisors can also view other available sections and the options appear in the calendar view so that students can easily visualize any conflicts.

If all courses are planned, and the student/advisor wants to register for all courses at once, rather than registering for one course at a time, use the Register Now button.


Select the notes tab to view notes to and from an advisee. All notes made regarding the student plan may be listed. Add a note to the plan in the Compose a Note section. Be sure to save the note when done.

The Notes tab should be used to send a note to your advisee and your advisee can send a note to you as well. Please be careful when sending notes because once saved, they cannot be edited or deleted. The notes remain with the student’s record, so if a student changes majors or advisor, the note history will be accessible to any advisor who can view the student’s plan.

The notes are considered part of a student’s record under FERPA and should be one of your primary methods of communicating with advisees.

Restricted Notes

These are notes that students cannot see in their plan, but if the student requests, the institution is obligated to provide them to the student. 

Completing a Review

After reviewing a student’s plan and if all looks satisfactory, the advisor may mark it complete by clicking the blue Review Complete button. This will send an alert to the student via email that you have reviewed the plan. You may also archive the course plan and access the plan at a later time by visiting Plan Archive. Archived plans are permanently saved and remain with the student’s record.

To view the plan, select the Plan Archive tab. A list of the archived plans will be displayed.

  • Click the Download PDF link for the version of the course plan that you want to view.
  • When prompted, open the PDF to see the details of the course plan as it looked when the plan was archived.

Test Scores

To view the admission scores (SAT or ACT), placement exam scores, any waivers for an advisee, AP results, etc. select Test Scores. Information about each of these tests is displayed including the test type, date taken and the test score.

Unofficial Transcript

You may access and download a PDF copy of your advisee’s unofficial transcript.


You can also click the Grades tab to view your advisee’s midterm warning and final grades.

Petitions and Waivers (see separate training document)

Graduation Application

Here you can see if your advisee has completed the graduation application. This is NOT the current application for degree. This will take place of the Scots Central commencement confirmation process.

Help Section

There is a Help menu at the top of the page. The Help menu has a detailed list of the most common questions for each section you are viewing. It covers most of the basic functions of Student Planning.