Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

  • Mark Kopinski ’79

    Chairman of the Board
  • Douglas R. Carlson ’66

    Douglas Carlson LLC
  • Robert Dahl

  • Christine Beiermann Farr ’90

  • Kevin Goodwin ’80

    Signostics, Ltd.
  • Mahendran Jawaharlal ’86

  • John Kemp ’82

    Oldcastle Architecture
  • Michael B. McCulley, Esq. ’70

    Retired Assistant General Counsel
    Johnson & Johnson
  • Gary Melvin

    Rural King
  • Gail Simpson Owen ’74

    Regional Superintendent of Schools
    Mason, Tazewell and Woodford Counties
  • J. Stanley Pepper ’76

    Chairman and CEO
    The Pepper Companies
  • Dennis M. Plummer ’73

    Retired President
    American Seeds, Inc
  • Susan Romaine

    Walker Romaine Gallery and Studio Romaine
  • Sherm Smith ’72

    President & CEO
    Chambers Group, Inc.
  • Nancy L. Snowden

    Retired Director
    Caterpillar, Inc.
  • Dwight Tierney ’69

    Retired Senior Vice President
    Madison Square Garden
  • Jean P. Witty ’88

    Curriculum Developer and Senior Instructor
    Rancho Solano Prep School
  • Ralph R. Velazquez, Jr. ’79

    Vice Chairman
  • Daniel A. Cotter ’88

    Attorney and Counselor
    Howard and Howard Attorneys PLLC
  • Dr. Harvey Echols ’81

    Pharmacy Medical Director
    Oscar Health
  • William J. Goldsborough ’65

    Retired Vice President,
    Lincoln Capital Management
  • Augustin “Gus” Hart ’68

    Western Illinois Bancshares, Inc.
  • F. Austin Jones

    President & Chief Trust Officer
    Grinnell State Bank
  • Rev. Robert “Cam” McConnell ’72

    Pastor Emeritus, First Presbyterian Church, Manhattan, Kansas.
    First Presbyterian Church - Manhattan, Kansas
  • Alex McGehee ’81

    Anchor Lumber Do-It Center and Builders First Choice
  • Bradley C. Nahrstadt ’89

    Chief Operating Officer
    Donohue Brown Mathewson & Smyth
  • J. Hunter Peacock

    Retired Treasurer
    Ahlstrom USA, Inc.
  • Anthony J. Perzigian ’66

    Board of Trustees Chair Advisor/Quality Assurance & Academic Affairs
    Future University in Egypt
  • Anita Ridge ’88

    Senior Relationship Manager
    TIAA Kaspick.
  • Hon. John Scotillo ’72

    Retired Associate Judge
    Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
  • Carlos F. Smith ’90

    Medical Director/CEO
    Smith Centers for Foot and Ankle Care
  • Mark E. Taylor ’78

    Citigroup Energy Inc.
  • Beth Bowdoin Tyre ’96

    Human Resource Manager
    Global Information Services Division, Caterpillar Inc.
  • Jackie Bell Zachmeyer ’89

    Vice President
    Internal Audit. Deere & Company

Trustees Emeriti

  • Robert J. Ardell ’62

    Years of Service: 25
    Retired President, Nippon Oil Exploration U.S.A. Ltd.
  • David A. Bowers ’60

    Years of Service: 33
    Vice Chairman and CEO
    CompX International Inc.
  • Karen Chism ’65

    Years of Service: 21
    Clinical Compliance Consultant
  • Larry Gerdes

    Years of Service: 8
    Gerdes Huff Investments
  • William T. Irelan ’62

    Years of Service: 20
    Ret. General
    Counsel, ACDI/VOCA
  • Gerald A. Marxman ’56

    Years of Service: 13
    Retired President/Co-Founder
    CommTech International
  • H. Safford Peacock

    Years of Service: 35
    H. Safford Peacock Investment Management
  • William Simpson ’65

    Years of Service: 8
    Retired President
    John Wood Community College
  • Frederick W. Wackerle ’61

    Years of Service: 33
    Retired Chairman
    Fred Wackerle, Inc.
  • Sandra E. Wolf ’64

    Years of Service: 10
    Sandra E. Wolf Associates
  • Nancy G. Beck

    Years of Service: 13
  • David J. Byrnes ’72

    Years of Service: 10
    Point Across Solutions LLC
  • John A. Courson ’64

    Years of Service: 5
    Retired President & CEO
    Home Builders Institute
  • Walter S. Huff, Jr. ’56

    Years of Service: 21
    Gerdes Huff Investments
  • Barbara Watt Johnson ’52

    Years of Service: 10
  • Charles E. Morris

    Years of Service: 13
    Emeritus Mathematics Professor, Illinois State University
    Retired Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, Illinois Board of Regents
  • Bonnie Bondurant Shaddock ’54

    Years of Service: 15
    Retired President
    Oliver/Asselin Educational TV Production Co.
  • William Trubeck ’68

    Years of Service: 11
    Retired Executive Vice President and CFO
    H&R Block
  • Ralph E. Whiteman ’52

    Years of Service: 24
    Retired President & CEO
    Security Savings Bank
  • Richard E. Yahnke ’66

    Years of Service: 25
    Retired Vice President
    Worldwide Agricultural Parts Marketing, Deere & Company

Alumni Board Representatives

  • Andrew Kerr ’73

  • Roy Sye ’13 ‘Regional Sales Director

    Sinclair Mineral & Chemical Co.
  • Jerri Picha ’75