Student-accessible printers

Student-accessible printers are available in all campus computer labs and computer classrooms.

Additional student-accessible printers are located in:

  • Hewes Library (first floor)
  • Huff Athletic Center (reception desk)
  • Mellinger Learning Center (third floor)
  • Austin Hall (main level)
  • Weeks House (second floor) and International House

Faculty and staff printers

Faculty and staff may print to any campus printer.

IMPORTANT! When you log in to a lab or classroom computer, your default printer automatically changes to the printer in that room. When you return to your office, you’ll need to remember to change your default printer back to your office printer.

Mobile printing

When you’re on campus and connected to the MCUsers wireless network, you can print to a Monmouth printer from your personal device.

Student printing policy

Students may print 300 black-and-white pages each semester at no charge on Monmouth printers. (One page equals one sheet of paper.) After that, you’ll be charged $0.06 per page.

Unused printing does not rollover to the next semester and is non-transferrable.

You may view your printing information at any time.

When you reach your printing quota, a message will display to let you know that your account will be charged; you’ll be given the option to continue.