Meeting Your Dietary Needs

You’ll feel right at home, and that includes enjoying the comfort of home-cooked food.

Home Cooking, coming right up! 

We mean it when we say you’ll experience the comfort of home-cooked food at Monmouth. Our chefs work to ensure that students have plenty of healthy options that make them feel at home. 

We also know that every student has different dining preferences and needs, and we are confident we’ll be able to meet those needs. Campus Dining is a good place to start for our students who have dietary needs. If you need dietary assistance or have questions, contact Food Service Director Angela Goff to work with her directly.

We also recognize that some students struggle with food insecurity. This issue can be more complex than one might expect. A person who has food security has both the financial and physical means to access sufficient, safe and nutritious foods.

While campus dining can meet students’ meal needs, multiple local organizations offer food pantries to assist those with additional needs: Jamieson Center, Pay It Forward Ministry and First Christian Church. We have also have an on-campus pantry for students during regular business hours. Visit the Stockdale Student Center Office for access.