International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

Partnering with ISEP allows Monmouth College to offer program on every continent and in many, many disciplines. It’s a truly global expansion of the Monmouth College experience.

  • Students can participate in semester-long, or full-year programs for any field of study, as well as volunteer and internship programs.
  • With ISEP Exchange programs, you can go abroad anywhere in the ISEP network while paying Monmouth College tuition, housing, and meal costs. Because some programs have more space available than others, ISEP works with you to make sure you receive a placement that meets your academic needs, and most students receive a placement in one of their top three choices. This program type also enables a student from another ISEP member university to take your place. You can even apply the scholarships, grants, or financial aid that you normally receive to your program.
  • ISEP also offers scholarships for its programs, with many focused on underserved student populations as well as opportunities for students studying a language or in specific locations around the world.

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Scholarship Opportunities with ISEP