Welcome to the family

Recruitment gives our students the opportunity to find the Greek organization that best fits them and will help them grow as an individual. Get to know our Greek community and find your new family. 

Participation in recruitment does not obligate a student to join a Greek organization, so feel free to check it out without any worry! 

Sorority recruitment

Formal sorority recruitment for the ’24/’25 school year will be held from August 20-24, 2024. This provides opportunities to get to know all three sororities and their members!

Here is the link to register for fall formal recruitment: Monmouth College Panhellenic Sororities | CampusDirector (

There are also additional opportunities for joining year-round, known as continuous open bidding (COB). Reach out to Panhel or individual chapters to learn more!

Sorority Recruitment Contacts:

Annalyn Lovell, President of Panhellenic Council
Tasha Bernius, Vice President of Recruitment of Panhellenic Council
Katie Carr, Assistant Vice President of Recruitment of Panhellenic Council

Fraternity recruitment

Formal fraternity recruitment will run from August 23 - September 6, 2024. However, all four fraternities recruit year-round for those interested in joining outside of formal recruitment.

Fraternity Recruitment Contacts:

Brady Arrenius, President of Interfraternity Council (

Mason Reed, Vice President of Recruitment of Interfraternity Council (