For Members

Awards Packet

We have great Greek life organizations, and we honor them every spring at our Fraternity and Sorority Life Awards. Our awards measure their activities and programs against the founding principles of fraternal organizations. Below is the Fraternity and Sorority Life Awards packet used to assess our Greek organizations.

Fundraising Event Request Form

For any member who seeks to raise money through an event on campus. The fundraising form must be turned into the Office of Student Involvement two weeks before the planned date of the event.

Social Event Registration Form

For any member who coordinates events taking place at a fraternity’s or sorority’s house. This form must be filled out for formals and informals. Turn it in to either your fraternity or sorority advisor two weeks before the event.

Recruitment Grade Release Form

For any member associated with recruiting new members into your organization. Turn it in to either your fraternity or sorority advisor. This form allows members to ascertain if a potential new member fits the organization’s GPA requirements.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Grade Reports

Here is the most up-to-date information on the academic performance of our Greek chapters compared with Monmouth’s general student body.

Monthly Chapter Report

This form is completed by each organization’s president and is turned in at the end of the month to the fraternity or sorority advisor. The form explains what a fraternity or sorority has done over the past month.

Common Area Alcohol Petition Form

This form is completed by an organization that is permitted to have alcohol in their house. This form must be turned into and approved by the fraternity or sorority advisor and needs to be signed by all residents of the house.


Each fraternity and sorority campus has an associated house where members of their organization can live. Similarly to residential assistants in Residence Life, Greek houses have house managers who oversee the residential aspect of the houses. Those interested in becoming a house manager can go through the application process generally held during spring semester.