International students

For all new international students, the year starts with an international and overseas American student orientation. International student services, within the Office of Intercultural Life, advises students on how to maintain their status as an F-1 or J-1 student and many other Student Exchange and Visitor Services (SEVIS) related services, including recommending the students’ application to SEVIS for Employment Authorization Card, Post Degree Optional Practical Training and more.

New students get support and advice through orientation leaders and mentors provided to them by International Student Services. The mentors provide help and guidance to the mentees throughout their first year at Monmouth.

DACA and undocumented students

Student privacy is important to us. We abide by federal student privacy regulations and do not release student records to any agency unless authorized by students themselves or subpoenaed by a court. We do not keep a record of undocumented students who applied for admission but did not attend.

Undocumented students at Monmouth are eligible for all academic and special scholarships, and they are also eligible for additional grant funding in recognition of the fact that they are not able to receive federal financial aid. The state of Illinois also offers eligibility for MAP grant funding for undocumented students.

  • <blockquote class="callout-quote"><div class="callout-quote-text"><p> “Monmouth College has long been, and continues to be, a place of high opportunity for all young people who choose to benefit from and contribute to this experience. When we join this community of teachers and learners, we ALL become Noble Scots … Monmouth College maintains a firm commitment against discrimination toward any of its students. We are and will remain a place of learning for all of our students.”</p></div><footer class="callout-quote-footer">President Clarence R. Wyatt</footer></blockquote>

First-generation college students

Monmouth is part of the Associated College’s of Illinois’ Peer Mentoring Program, which supports first-generation students and students from low-income backgrounds in their transition to college. The program pairs first-year students first-generation students with upperclass trained peer mentors who had a similar experience and transition in their first year at college.

Historically marginalized students

Our office offers a safe space and resources for students from all varieties of multicultural backgrounds. Our student organizations help students find a community.