Counseling Services

Sometimes we all need a gentle ear to hear us, help guide and support us during difficult periods in our lives. You’ll find that here with our counselors who are readily available to all of our students.

We’re here for you!

Counselors offer flexible and varied approaches to helping students accomplish their personal and academic goals and maximize their experience on campus. Our counselors are experienced professionals who have extensive training respective to all types of diversity. Any concern a student brings is treated with care and respect.

We provide individual counseling, ADHD/LD testing, suicide prevention, group counseling, wellness programs, consultation and mental health emergency services. On-campus counseling is free, confidential and professional. 

One student writes: “Thank you for helping me get through so much this year! It means a lot to have someone here who truly cares about making me a happier and healthier person.”

Stop! If there is a mental health emergency…

If someone is hurt, suicidal or the safety of anyone is at risk, call 911 or Campus Safety immediately. The 24/7 Counselor on Call will be contacted to help assess and manage the emergency.

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